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Affordable hosting, custom software and an extensive collection of tools, we have it all.

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Virtual Worlds, Business IT, Consulting, we do it all

The world is becoming more integrated and evolves ever more into what used to be called "the cyberspace". We have been operating such virtual worlds for years now. Along the way more and more business-orientated software has come along with that, so we turned our attention toward the technologies and software needed to operate effectively. With this knowledge we have helped many streamline their virtual worlds or businesses.

We Have Been Here A While Now

Our service has been around a long time, since 2012 with our roots in managing OpenSimulator grids. Since then we have expanded to offer any service associated with OpenSimulator and much more. We made our own software tools as we realized the best way to always offer the best reliability for managing open-source software is building your own integrations.

Today we offer everything businesses need and more. From consulting to quality assurance or hardware procurement. An ever expanding portfolio of services and tools, complete integrated solutions to be successful in modern times.

Zetamex Services

Infrastructure Planning

Managed Systems

Virtual World Consulting

IT Consulting

Web-Application Development

System Administration

Multimedia Streams

Webhosting & Storage

Quality Assurance


Business Consulting



Backup Services & Storage

Virtual World Development

Application Testing


System Monitoring

How We Do It

Custom Built

We have built almost all of our tools from scratch and we even give some of it back to the community.


We have built our system from the ground up, everything is automated from deployment to management.

Transparent Updates

From changes to interruptions to our service we let you know what really happened.

Made with Love

We are not here just to make money, we put our love into every part of our code and customer support.

Premium Service

Value for money is not just a marketing term to us, it is a mantra when it comes to the services we offer.

Tailored to you

Everyone is different, one-size is not our style, we make sure the shoe fits properly.


The world is dangerous enough as is, security creates comfort and comfort makes for a happy life.

Proven Quality

Over a decade of reliable service with unmatched sustained top quality performance.


A wide variety of awesome systems at your fingertips

OpenSim Hosting


Affordable OpenSim Hosting, Novice To Expert

Zetamex Solutions

Zetamex Custom Solutions

You Can Dream It, We Can Make It

Zetamex Blog

Zetamex Blog

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Our Customers

Our Projects & Affiliations


When you want it done right you have to do it yourself, ZetaWorlds is our own virtual world


Our trusted partner when it comes to commerce in virtual worlds


"I really would like to thank you for the years you both have supported me and the people at Zandramas and ZanGrid. You both where a great help and I could not do what I liked doing without your help."
~Suzan DeKoning, ZanGrid

"I never knew how superior Zeta was until I actually moved over here. Makes it easy to sell people on moving when they start comparing prices, features, and benefits, not to mention community."
~Frank Hurt

"I enjoy the services provided, however they are going through changes. I look forward to the improvements, the current tools are ok better then other providers I have been with."
~Monash University, Australia

"They helped us save over 200€ each month switching to open-source software with more features and better performance. I could not be happier."
~Managed IT customer

"I been to tons of other grids, but none of them were quite like this one. Stuff loads faster then any grid I been in, great OSgrid alternative."
~ZetaWorlds User

"Support has been outstanding and quick. No longer having to worry about running everything myself gives me time to think about what I actually want to do. Will continue to expand."
~ZetaWorlds User

"You've done an AMAZING JOB THANK YOU it's literally so big you can't see the end of it, I'm so happy and all's well."
~Wolf Territories

"We appreciate all contributions to our [..] project and thank everyone for participating."

Who are Zetamex?

Vincent Sylvester
Zetamex Network, CEO
Vincent Sylvester (Tampa)
Vinzenz Feenstra
Zetamex Network, Infrastructure Engineering
Vinzenz Feenstra (evilissimo)
Paul Harriman
Zetamex Network, Customer Support
& Public Relations

Paul Harriman (Edison Rex)

Zetamex Network and its brands are also supported by volunteers who gratuitously provide their time and knowledge to us and all our customers. We are grateful to have such a supportive following and greatly appreciate the work they do.


We are looking for you!

Zetamex Network is a global company operating fully remotely.

We are always looking for talented people to join our workforce.

Opportunities await


We believe that anyone can learn anything they put their mind to. From time to time though a little help goes a long way.

Zetamex Network is committed in offering quality training to individuals looking to explore Information Technology and Virtual Worlds.

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