Hello and welcome to Zetamex, one of the leading companies in opensim hosting. We provided top of the line hardware to help service your hosting needs for opensim. We also provide high quality customer support and are willing to help our customers with almost any issue. We seek to provide high quality hosting services and customer assistance to all who choose to pick our services, and we are all about the customer.

Here at Zetamex we also strive to bring the customer all we can and if we find one who happens to have a job to big for us, we are will to help them find the right hosting company that will offer a great price for the hosting services. So look around and ask questions. Don’t know much about hosting but are looking to open a grid or even just have a region or two on a particular grid? Then we can help, just simply visit the pre-sales questions link at the bottom of this page, and ask all your questions.