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We Have Been Here A While Now

Our service has been around a long time, starting with our roots in managing OpenSimulator grids. We have been running and operating virtual worlds and the associated infrastructure since 2012. We made our own software tools as we realized the best way to always offer the best reliability for managing opensource software is building your own integrations.

How We Do

Custom Built

We have built almost all of our tools from scratch and we even give some of it back to the community.


We have built our system from the ground up, everything is automated from deployment to management.

Transparent Updates

From changes to interruptions to our service we let you know what really happened.

Made with Love

We are not here just to make money, we put our love into every part of our code and customer support.


A wide variety of awesome systems at your fingertips

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Affordable OpenSim Hosting, Novice To Expert

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Our Customers

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"I really would like to thank you for the years you both have supported me and the people at Zandramas and ZanGrid. You both where a great help and I could not do what I liked doing without your help."
~Suzan DeKoning, ZanGrid
"I been to tons of other grids, but none of them were quite like this one. Stuff loads faster then any grid I been in, great OSgrid alternative."
~ZetaWorlds User
"I enjoy the services provided, however they are going through changes. I look forward to the improvements, the current tools are ok better then other providers I have been with."
~Monash University, Australia


Instead of offering a handful of standard packages we like to offer our customers the best experience, tailored specifically to their needs. We like to get to know our customers and work out a perfect plan for their needs and budget. While we have some standard packages on offer they all include more options than we could possibly list on a page. If you really want to know you can check our base pricing sheet which lists our standard prices. If you have any questions or budget concerns feel free to contact us, so we can create the right package for your needs and budget.
Of course we offer all our packages and services to educators as well as students. There are packages and addons specifically suited for education and we are happy to work with you should you need something custom-made for a class. If you are a student or educator looking to use OpenSim in your thesis or for a class project feel free to contact us and we will help you out.
From a simple standalone for your own little independent island up to entire Grids with hundreds of regions, we do it all. Additionally we offer fully integrated webhosting to make it easy to administrate your OpenSim setup. We have managed plans, allowing you to keep your existing hardware and use our years of experience to make your OpenSim experience even better.
Per law we are required to keep all customer data confidential and make sure appropriate backups of said data are available at all time.
The data within your OpenSim installation, should you chose to, gets backed up to multiple locations on redundant servers allowing for months of backups to be stored.
Zetamex Network is owned and operated out of its office in Germany.
Vincent Sylvester
Zetamex Network, CEO
Vincent Sylvester
Vinzenz Feenstra
Zetamex Network, Infrastructure
Vinzenz Feenstra (evilissimo)
Paul Harriman
Zetamex Network, Public Relations
Paul Harriman (Edison Rex)


Internship Junior Developer C/C#/PHP

Zetamex Network has always been about community and giving back to it. As such we love to give up and coming developers looking to practice and hone their skills an opportunity to get real world experience with working on the projects we develop. Putting the learned skills to the test and working on actual production systems, working with an experienced team and creating things that have a true impact.

  • Plan and create modules for our main projects
  • Maintain our forked C and C# projects
  • Develop new modules and functionality in our in-house PHP CMS
  • Brainstorm ideas and plans for integrating new systems and improve existing ones
  • Have fun while working

What you bring to the table:
  • Good understanding of C and C# with object orientated modular structures
  • Good understanding of PHP, with knowledge of common frameworks
  • Basic understanding of HTML, CSS and javascript
  • Basic knowledge of Linux and how to navigate it
  • A willingness to communicate and work in a flexible environment
  • Decent Google-fu

  • Access to internal code and bug bounties
  • Opportunity to work with industry professionals with decades of experience
  • Flexible working environment allowing you to work when at your best

Applications can be sent via email to contact(at)zetamex.com
Please include cover letter and brief CV

Virtual World Agent

ZetaWorlds hosts a growing community with fertile ground for further expansions. As such it requires attention and love in order to grow. Virtual World Agents are people that serve such love and care to the community either working as community ambassadors or mentors. Dealing with concerns and ideas of the community and helping it grow. Setting up events and keeping the community engaged, writing stories and information or creating new ideas from the ground up.

  • Take care of the community, listen to concerns and ideas
  • Plan events to create buzz
  • Plan new projects and brainstorm new ideas for the community
  • Write informative blogs and pages

What you bring to the table:
  • Good understanding of OpenSimulator and its structures
  • Experience in managing a growing community
  • Experience with event management
  • Good written and spoken English
  • Flexible schedule
  • Decent Google-fu

  • Weekly allowance for personal use
  • Complimentary access to internal resources
  • Opportunity to work with industry professionals with decades of experience
  • Flexible working environment allowing you to work when at your best

Applications can be sent via email to contact(at)zetamex.com
Please include cover letter and brief CV


Zetamex Network

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