Hosted Packages

Package Description Price  
Hosted GridServiceUp to two instance for balancing load.*25.00€per month
GridService ExtensionExtends GridService with additional instances and dedicated hardware.*50.00€per month
Hosted Money Server/IntegrationInstance of MoneyServer or integration to payment module.*3.00€per month per instance
Hosted StandaloneStandalone in mini-grid configuration.*30.00€per month per standalone
Hosted SimulatorSingle Simulator of any region configuration, unlimited Prims and users.*12.50€per month per simulator
Simulator ExtensionExtends Hosted Simulator with extra hardware performance.*15.00€per month per simulator
Simulator Extension X2Extends Hosted Simulator with full dedicated hardware.*30.00€per month per simulator
*Pricing subject to your budget needs, contact us for a personalized price

Managed Packages

Package Description Price  
Managed GridService Robust InstanceOne instance of GridSevice/Robust.*2.00€per instance per month
Managed MoneyServer/IntegrationInstance of MoneyServer or integration to payment module.*2.50€per instance per month
Managed Simulator ServerFlatrate per server, unlimited simulators.*20.00€per month per server
Combine Simulator AddonAddon for Managed Simulator Server for combining more regions onto simulators.*10.00€per month per server
Managed StandaloneStandalone or mini-grid up to 4 regions.*11.00€per month
Home Hosting LicenseRequired if unmanaged simulators are also connected.*15.00€per month for 100 regions
*Does not include hardware, customers must provide adequate hardware
*Pricing subject to your budget needs, contact us for a personalized price


Service Description Price  
PHPSASPHP-based asset server with 100GB of storage.25.00€per month
PHPSAS Additional 20GBAdditional 20GB storage for PHPSAS.3.00€per month
PHPSAS Additional 100GBAdditional 100GB storage for PHPSAS.14.00€per month
PHPSAS Additional 200GBAdditional 200GB storage for PHPSAS.26.00€per month
DDoS Protection, extended stabilityAdditional hardware for DDoS protection and failover.15.00€per month
Resellers AccountDirectly sell through Zetamex and receive a percentage.35.00€per month
Load BalancingCDN-based delivery of assets.25.00€per month
Website WorkAssistance with existing websites and development of web-features and design.15.00€per hour, billed half-hours
Feature WorkDevelopment of custom features for OpenSim.30.00€per hour, billed half-hours
Realtime MonitoringMonitoring of simulators and server resources, alerts, automated responses.15.00€per monitor/server

Complete Packages

Package Description Price  
Hosted Grid Complete Pack EUGridService on dedicated hardware, includes one simulator, 200GB of asset storage and multiple Robust instances.*95.00€per month
Hosted Simulator Server EUDedicated simulator server for unlimited simulators and configuration.*85.00€per month
Hosted Grid Complete Pack USGridService on dedicated hardware, includes one simulator, 200GB of asset storage and multiple Robust instances.*95.00€per month
Hosted Simulator Server USDedicated simulator server for unlimited simulators and configuration.*85.00€per month
Barebone ExtensionDaily backups, monitoring and additional load balancing.*69.00€per month
All-In-One Grid Starter Pack EUHosted Grid Complete Pack and Hosted Simulator Server as one package.*175.00€per month
All-In-One Grid Starter Pack USHosted Grid Complete Pack and Hosted Simulator Server as one package.*175.00€per month
*Pricing subject to your budget needs, contact us for a personalized price

Other Services

Service Description Price  
Build ServiceJenkins Build Service for C#/C++/C Projects, 5GB storage, builds and logs via email*12.00€per month per branch
Build Service StandaloneJenkins Build Service for C#/C++/C Projects, 500GB storage, builds and logs via email*48.00€per month per branch
Icecast Server 50Icecast Broadcast Server for 50 listeners**9.00€per month
Icecast Server 100Icecast Broadcast Server for 100 listeners**15.00€per month
Media Stream Service SStreaming service for any media, 500GB storage, 10TB bandwidth, mp4/avi only**25.00€per month
Media Stream Service XLStreaming service for any media, 1000GB storage, 30TB bandwidth, mp4/avi only**, muxing available***65.00€per month
Media Stream Service XXLStreaming service for any media, 1500GB storage, 50TB bandwidth, mp4/avi/mkv only**, muxing available***135.00€per month
*Github, Bitbucket only
**Media/Broadcast licenses not included, customer is responsible for streamed media
***Muxing may result in instability or loss of quality

General Information



A region is the actual piece of land you can see with your viewer. It runs inside a Simulator and you can have multiple per Simulator. Usually those are 256m by 256m in size, but can be bigger as well.


Refers to a Region that is not the standard 256m by 256m in size. It can be any size mutiple of 256m by 256m e.g. 512, 768, 1024... The different sizes are usually referred to by how many normal 256m by 256m they would represent e.g. 2x2 = 512m by 512m, 4x4 = 1024m by 1024m and so on...


Every Region requires an associated Estate, this Estate holds the information about the Region such as who is allowed on it, what the sky looks like and other options. An estate can be shared by multiple regions, this depends on the Simulator and Grid Configuration.


A Simulator holds and manages the Regions run inside of it. It's the actual instance of OpenSim running on a server.


A Grid is a collection of Simulators all connecting to a central service handling users, inventories and objects.


Robust is the instance of OpenSim required to have Simulators connect together. It handles everything from logging in to distributing items.


Just another word for objects. It's what most of the world is made of, buildings, trees and sometimes even avatars contain Prims.


Managed means that we only manage the OpenSim installation on your provided hardware. You provide the machinery and we the expertise.


Hosted means it is all done by us, hardware and software is provided as one service.

PHPSAS/Asset Server

Assets are what we call all the objects, textures and items you can find. Those are stored in a central location for users and Simulators to fetch them from.


In order to transfer from one Region to another users teleport, which just means they get moved onto the other Region. These teleports extend beyond Regions and can be done from one Grid to another.


Distributed Denial of Service, is a method of sending data to a server at a rate that makes it impossible to reliably reach that server. It overwhelms the server making the service running on it unavailable.


Content Delivery Networks are many servers all around the world holding copies of frequently accessed data to make the physical distance to those requestion the data shorter thus reducing loading times.


OpenSim can run all required services, like Asset Server, on its own, this is called a Standalone. The downside is less performance compared to an actual grid. Mini-grids solve this partially by seperating the services somewhat, but are still setup in a restrictive manner. Standalones are great for projects that are supposed to be reached from a HyperGrid Teleport and do not require a proper website and user management attached to them.

Home Hosting

Most Grids allow for anyone to connect their Simulators to them and some people choose to run these Simulators from their own computers. We include any non-approved hardware in this.


Vivox is a Voice-over-IP provider that offers a voice service that can be used with OpenSim to provide voice communications for Regions.


OpenSim only provides the server which users connect to, for users to actually connect they require a client, a Viewer. This Viewer is the client that connects to the OpenSim server and displays all the objects, other users and even media. We do not provide that part of the system.


Next to the Primitives a major component of OpenSim is its built-in scripting language called Linden Scripting Language. It takes after VBasic and C# in some ways and is simple to learn. OpenSim extends the standard functions LSL has with new ones allowing much more granular control over OpenSim.


NPCs are avatars that are not controlled via and actual user but instead execute functions given to them via LSL. They can be programmed to greet users and answer questions or just wander around.

Scope of Service

Zetamex Network provides a wide range of services all of which are bound by our Terms of Service. Beyond that certain services and packages have additional rules that are in place to reduce possible issues and enhance the stability of the provided service.
Our complete packages come pre-configured and have a number of restrictions on them. It is of the discretion of Zetamex Network to combine Regions onto Simulators to reduce the instance overhead. We also do not provide per-simulator configuration outside of changes to payment modules, physics engines and voice services. The Grid Complete Package contains a single Simulator only. The Barebone Extension only provides backups out of the box, the additional services it provides are setup as needed on the discretion of Zetamex Network in correspondence with the customer. Further restrictions apply based around the deployed architecture and capabilities of OpenSim.
Our hosted packages have no guaranteed hardware performance, if you run out of physical resources we ask you to purchase upgrades or reduce the load you put on the service. To retain the stability of our network we may temporarily upgrade hardware without the customers prior request. The customer can choose to have the hardware downgraded after a period of two weeks or cancel service should the load not be reduced.
Our managed packages do not include hardware, the customer is asked to provide adequate hardware for running OpenSim in the capacity they require. We do not manage the entire hardware for you, just the OpenSim installation and its dependencies. You are required to do all other administrative tasks like updating software, allocating space and security. We do not provide full management of hardware unless specifically agreed upon.
We refrain from giving estimates in regards to website or feature work as the difficulty of implementation with OpenSim cannot be reliably estimated. Instead we will give you a minimal estimate of the best case scenario. Any estimate we give is not binding contract and a higher or lower price may result out of the work done.
Our customers understand the nature of OpenSim as alpha software. This means, by definition, we cannot guarantee uptime, stability or data integrity. OpenSim is still in heavy development with updates being made every day. We aim to only use releases considered stable and only use development versions upon specific request.
When PHPSAS is used as asset server a one-way non-reversible conversion has to take place to prepare the data for use with the system. The converted data can only be read by PHPSAS or a compliant system like SRAS. It is not possible to convert the data back to the default structure OpenSim uses and we do not provide support for SRAS either.
If the actions of customers or their users result in additional cost for Zetamex Network, we retain the right to charge the customer for these costs if the customers has caused these costs as a result of gross negligence or in defiance of advice or demands given by Zetamex Network. Our prices are built around a fair use of the services we provide, if you or your users choose to abuse the service we retain the right to cancel the service at any point without prior notice and without refunds.
All Streaming Servers and Media Services are offered without any broadcast licenses, the customer may only broadcast media that they have the authority to broadcast. Violation of artist/label/organisation licenses may result in termination of the service and litigation by the license holder. Zetamex Network is not responsible for breaches of license by the customer. Additional costs incurred due to license disputes will be charged to the customer.
We do not provide direct support to users of Grids run by our customers unless there is a specific issue requiring direct debugging. As Grid customer you are required to take all necessary steps to troubleshoot any issues yourself before contacting us. Any tickets we receive that are identifiably not an issue with the service will be closed.
There is no guarantee tickets are being answered within any time period, but we aim to complete any request within 24-48 hours upon receival. If we do not have a satisfactory answer available to you within 48 hours we will not answer the ticket, this does not mean we will not get back to you. Please refrain from opening additional tickets should you not hear back.
Zetamex Network retains the right to close tickets should they contain inappropriate wording in any form. We do our best to treat our customers with respect and professionalism and expect the same in return.
Support is provided through our official channels provided in the contact section. We do not provide support for customers on our in-house grid (ZetaWorlds), but you are free to visit and chat if you want. In cases of inworld issues being debugged by one of our staff members please focus on the issue and provide as much information as you can.
OpenSim is a passion project for us, it is a hobby turned business out of the desire to offer a better OpenSim experience to everyone. Most of our profits are put back into development of custom features, donations to the development team and enhancements of our services. Beyond that we, like most human beings, need to eat so while our prices are budget based, designed to fit your needs and budget as best as possible, we ask you to be considerate when ordering service. Rest assured that you will notice how it will come around to enhance your experience.
We ask any potential customer to provide detailed and accurate information so we can properly assist you in making your order and get exactly what you need. For this we not only require some information to your person, but also what exactly you are looking for. We will refuse service to anyone who is incapable of making a proper request, this includes poor wording or intentionally misleading information.

If you have any further question feel free to contact us.


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